Youth Referees

AYSO 300’s Youth Referee Program

Kids as young as 12 years old- with the proper training- are permitted to officiate matches as either center referees in our U5-U8 matches, or as Assistant Referees (ARs) in U9/U10 matches.  Older teenagers can officiate older matches.

Kids age 12-18 who referee AYSO matches can potentially earn community service hours for their schools, but also earn Volunteer Points with AYSO 300 which will accumulate towards Gift Card rewards.

Starting at age 13, kids have the opportunity to also earn U.S. Soccer’s Grassroots Referee license.  This is not required to officiate AYSO matches, but is required if interested in officiating non-AYSO matches such as “travel” or “club” soccer leagues.  These are paid opportunities.

Refereeing soccer is a terrific way to help kids learn responsibility, better learn the game the love, build self-confidence, and possibly even begin to build a career.  Just as there are professional soccer players who started out as kids in AYSO, there are also professional soccer referees who started out refereeing in AYSO.

Please read below further details about our Youth Referee Program and how your child can become a Youth Referee for AYSO and beyond.

Program mission

To further enhance Player Development and enrich the lives of youth volunteers in a supportive environment by offering kids age 12-18 opportunities to further develop an understanding of and love for the game of soccer while also promoting volunteerism and community service.


Eligibility and Incentive Program

  • Kids must be age 12-18 to qualify.
  • Kids must be added as a volunteer in their family’s Family Profile (See Step 1 below).
  • Kids must complete AYSO’s Regional Referee Online and in-person Certification, or complete AYSO’s Regional Referee Online certification and complete U.S. Soccer Grassroots Referee license program (See Step 3 below).
  • Kids can earn Volunteer Points towards gift cards by officiating AYSO matches (See Step 6).
  • Youth Referees must self-assign themselves in our Referee Scheduler to get credit for Volunteer Points (See Step 5).

Steps to Becoming and Being an AYSO 300 Youth Referee:

STEP 1: With the help of a parent, register as an AYSO Youth Referee volunteer.
  • Have your parent login to their Family Profile.
  • Under “Volunteers” select the button that says “Add New User”
  • Complete the form entering the Youth Referee’s information.
  • Select the “Volunteer Now” button next to the Youth Referee’s name.
  • Select the green “Go to Family Profile” button and on the next page select the green “Review Volunteer Preferences” button next to your child’s name.
  • Check the Referee box.
  • Select the green “Submit Volunteer Preferences” button at the bottom of the page.
  • On the next “Disclaimer” page, please review, check the “If applicant is a minor” box near the bottom of the page, enter the Youth Referee’s first and last name, and select the blue “I Agree” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Because Youth Referees are under 18 years old, no background check is required.
STEP 2: Complete AYSO's Online Referee Training.
  • Youth Referees should login at the Team Website ( using their new volunteer login and password (not a parent’s login)
  • Look in the bottom left corner of the screen under “My Certifications” and select the “AYSOU” link, OR select the graduation cap icon in the top right corner of the screen to go to the eTrainU/AYSOU landing page.
  • Select the “Login to eTrainU” button
  • On the Terms & Conditions page, check the “I accept…” box then select the Submit button
  • Select in the left bar where it says “Training Library”
  • Under “Refereeing” select “View Courses”.
  • Complete the “8U Official Course” to prepare for U5-U8 matches
  • Complete the “Regional Referee – Online + In-Person Companion Course” to prepare for U9 and older matches

All online Refereeing Courses are FREE.

Step 3: Complete AYSO 300 In-Person Referee Training OR complete U.S. Soccer Grassroots training.
  • For a list of scheduled in-person AYSO Regional Referee courses, please go to our Training Page
  • Kids who are 13 or older who want to get paid to officiate non-AYSO matches, will need to complete U.S. Soccer’s Grassroots license training.  To enroll for a Grassroots license course go here and enter “Illinois” in the Location field.
  • The U.S. Soccer Grassroots license matched with AYSO’s online training fulfills requirements to officiate AYSO matches.
  • While AYSO Referee training is free, U.S. Soccer’s Grassroots license training costs $65 for youth referees.
  • AYSO 300 will reimburse active AYSO member families $25 for each adult or youth in the family who completes the Grassroots certification in the form of a registration refund.
  • Email proof of completion of Grassroots license/certification to
Step 4: Get your gear!

AYSO will provide all Youth Referees with a FREE referee shirt, shorts, and socks + whistle/lanyard + AR flags.  To coordinate a pickup of gear, please email 

Step 5: Schedule and work games!

Self-schedule yourself for any open AYSO games by logging in at our Referee Scheduler.

Step 6: Earn points and gift card rewards.
  • Youth Referees working AYSO 300 matches earn points towards gift card incentives.
  • To earn a point for an AYSO 300 match, the youth referee must have self-scheduled themselves for that match.
  • Youth referees receive a volunteer point for every AYSO match they self-schedule for and work.
  • Youth Referees receive a $25 gift card for every 3 volunteer points they earn.  As example, if a Youth Referee schedules for and works 6 matches, they will receive TWO $25 gift cards.

For any questions, please contact

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