Welcome to the AYSO 300 Board

AYSO 300 is run by parents like you.  We are always in need of new parent volunteers willing to share in the workload, share their ideas, help us maintain our commitment to AYSO’s 6 Philosophies, and help us challenge ourselves as we always strive to deliver the best possible youth soccer experience for our kids and our Community.

Like on the pitch, it’s a collaborative effort.  We all have goals we’re shooting for as a team, and we’re all supporting each other.

Below is a list of board positions both filled and OPEN/RECRUITING NOW.  All positions listed below are unpaid volunteer positions, and we’re grateful for the time and commitment these parents give to AYSO!

Here’s a list of scheduled date/time/location for future board meetings.

Please email rc@ayso300.org if interested in joining or supporting our board in any capacity.  Thanks for your interest!

AYSO 300 Board Members


Regional Commissioner (RC) Derrick Janssen
Assistant Regional Commissioner (ARC) JL Drew
Treasurer Ann-Marie Hession
Safety Director Sara Fletcher
Secretary Martin Calik
Co-Registrar OPEN
Co-Registrar OPEN
Volunteer Coordinator OPEN
Coach and Referee Staff
Regional Coach Administrator (RCA) Brian Curran
Regional Co-Coach Administrator (RCA) OPEN
Regional Referee Administrator (RRA) OPEN
Regional Co-Referee Administrator (RRA) OPEN
Youth Referee Coordinator OPEN
Field Staff
Field Coordinators OPEN
Field Layout Director Kevin Wallach
Field Layout Surveyors OPEN
La Grange (LG) Park District Liaison OPEN
Community Park District of La Grange Park (LGP) Liaison OPEN
Village of Brookfield Liaison OPEN
Western Springs Park District Liaison JL Drew
Division Directors
VIP Program Director Jim Anfield
VIP Assistant Administrator OPEN
United Program Director Bill Reilly
United Program Director Relja Popovic
U19C Division Coordinator OPEN
U14 Division Coordinator OPEN
B12 Division Coordinator Emily Tazic
G12 Division Coordinator Patrick Lach
B10 Division Coordinator Brian Reid
G10 Division Coordinator Angie Ziola
B9 Division Coordinator Peter Lopez
G9 Division Coordinator Eric Nelson
B8 Division Coordinator Heidi Long
G8 Division Coordinator Ann-Marie Hession
B7 Division Coordinator John Colson
G7 Division Coordinator Nicholas Ozog
B6 Division Coordinator Martin Calik
G6 Division Coordinator Steve Renick
B5 Division Coordinator Ben Welch
G5 Division Coordinator Position filled
Playground Soccer Coordinator Sara Fletcher
Other Board Members or Support Staff
Awards Coordinator Barb Kartzmark
Equipment Coordinator OPEN
Game Scheduler Bernard Kash
Merchandising Coordinator Ann Heinl
Picnic Co-Coordinator Barb Kartzmark
Picnic Co-Coordinator OPEN
Picture Day Co-Coordinator Barb Kartzmark
Picture Day Co-Coordinator OPEN
Publicity Coordinator OPEN
Special Events Coordinator Vanessa Feuerstein
Uniform Coordinator Jessica Muniz
Uniform Recycling and Donations Jo White
Webmaster Michael Lambert

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Get in touch with us if you have any questions. A volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible.