Professionally coached clinics for kids wanting more soccer

Our talented, professional United Coaches conduct 50-minute soccer clinics exclusively for registered AYSO 300 players of every age, four days a week during each Fall and Spring season.

Our Clinics are designed to prioritize player development for all kids who want more soccer in a format that is both fun and flexible for families.

To view clinic days, times, and location for the current season, please select the Clinic Schedule box at the bottom of this page.



Below are just some of the variety of optional clinics that are offered each season:

Footskills Clinic

Improve dribbling, juggling and learn tricks like a pro!  These clinics are a fun way to build foot skills and ball control while increasing touches on the ball.

Goalkeeper Clinics

Our United Coaches conduct specialized instruction in small groups for age-appropriate goalkeeper training.

Shooting Clinics

Our United Coaches train the proper technique to drive the ball and shoot accurately with both feet. Learn to shoot properly and score more goals. More advanced strikers get more advanced training.

Player Clinics

Age-appropriate soccer training using a combination of fun soccer activities to build skills and foster a love of soccer.  Area of focus changes weekly throughout the season.

Speed, Agility and Quickness

Our United Coaches use speed ladders, hurdles, parachutes and evasion belts to improve player movement and muscle planning.  Although the exercises are soccer-based, the training will help in all sports.

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Other Programs


Non-team oriented, specially designed for 3 and 4 year olds with a focus on helping to develop fundamental motor skills using soccer as a common thread. Every session is run by our talented United Coaches.


Team play for kids ages 4-18 includes one weekly game and practice coached by trained parent volunteers and optional professionally-coached clinics.

United Academy

Professionally-coached team play and training uniquely focused on delivering player development through professional and positive coaching in a flexible, family-friendly format.


Professionally-coached Travel soccer teams and training, uniquely focused on delivering player development through professional and positive coaching.


Recreational soccer for kids with disabilities. Volunteer “buddies” help support our VIP players of all ages to create a positive soccer experience for all.