Taking Safety SERIOUSLY

In a continuing mission to develop and deliver a quality youth soccer program that provides a fair, fun, safe and positive environment, below are important safety tips, policies, and forms- when necessary- to be completed by Referees, Coaches and Parents. 

As an all-volunteer run organization, we all have a role to play in ensuring the safety of our kids.

Heads Up

Coach and Referee volunteers are required to take a CDC Concussion Awareness online course.  We encourage all parents to learn more about Concussion Awareness.  More resources at   When in doubt, sit them out.

Safety and insurance forms

All incidents, injuries, or property damage involving an AYSO participant or occurring at an AYSO event
should be reported to the Regional Commissioner ( using the AYSO Incident Report Form listed below at the earliest possible opportunity.

AYSO Incident Report Form  The purpose of the AYSO Incident Report Form is to capture all pertinent facts and contact information, while the information is readily available, whenever there is a serious incident involving AYSO participants, activities, facilities or property.

“SAI” – Soccer Accident Insurance 

AYSO’s Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) provides reimbursement to registered players, coaches, referees and other volunteers for costs of medical care related to an injury sustained during an AYSO activity.

Soccer Accident Insurance is supplemental to private insurance.  A detailed brochure explaining the SAI program and coverage is also listed below.

Participation Release Form – The AYSO Participation (Return to Play) Release Form not only protects AYSO, but more importantly, the participants. Too often injured participants are out playing again before they are physically ready. Players should not participate until they are fit to play gain.

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