Core Practice Scheduling

Online Practice Scheduling

Prior to each season, Head Coaches for U7 and older teams choose and book online a weekly recurring practice weekday, 1-hour time slot, and field location for the entirety of that particular season. 

Please read details below on how to do this and things to consider when choosing your team’s practice slot.  Note: U5 and U6 teams do not practice during the week and only practice on Saturdays.

Select Here to go to the Online Practice Scheduler

Before Choosing Your Team’s Practice Slot

Here are some recommended best practices before booking your practice slot:

  • Consult with your Assistant or Co-Coaches on their schedule/availability to ensure that you have parent help and supervision at practices. Safe Haven policy states that there should always be no less than 2 adults present at AYSO practices. 

  • You may also want to take time to consult with your team’s parents in case there are common days that are especially difficult for player attendance.

  • Email your team’s parents and make them aware that you’ll be scheduling the team’s weekly practices soon.

United Academy Teams Consideration

  • If you coach a U8 or older team, you likely have “United Academy Team” players on your team.  These kids have an additional United Academy practice during the week in addition to your team’s practice.
  • We know that scheduling is difficult, but in an attempt to avoid conflict and ensure player participation at your practices, please consider avoiding days/times conflicting with practice schedules of United Academy Teams.
  • The United Academy practice schedule is as follows:
U8 (2nd Graders) Academy practices are on Wednesdays or Thursdays
U9/U10 (3rd/4th Graders) Academy practices are on Mondays or Tuesdays
U12/14 (5th-8th Graders) Academy practices are on Wednesdays or Thursdays

Steps to Booking Your Weekly Recurring Practice Slot

STEP 1: Review the AYSO 300 Field Map and Field Status Page.
STEP 2: Have a plan for your 1st preference of field location and a backup plan with your 2nd preference of field locations.
  • Online Practice Scheduling is first come, first served.  Think Ticketmaster for soccer fields!  In case other coaches have already booked the field you want or in case your preferred field isn’t available to AYSO on the day/time you want, have a backup plan.
STEP 3: On or after 8 PM on Thursday April 11th, go to the Online Practice Scheduling tool.
STEP 4: “Select a service” – select a division to search for fields for your division/age group.
STEP 5: Select a date on the calendar as the recurring day of the week you'd like to practice on during the season.

You will only be able to select a day during the week of April 15th.  The league will then set the day/time/field location as recurring for the entirety of the season.

STEP 6: Select an open practice slot at a field of your choice.
  • Using the displayed grid with Field Name in the left column, click on the red 1-hour slot for the time slot you wish to practice at. 
  • If there is no red square, the field is not available during that time. 
  • You are choosing a block of time that starts and finishes on the hour or half hour only.
STEP 7: Enter your contact info- it will require you to enter name, a phone # and email address.

Please REVIEW your “appointment”.  It will list your field, timeframe of the practice, and enter the contact info to finalize the slot. Please make sure the day and time slot is correct before confirming. Phone # and email address are required fields.

STEP 8: Press Confirm. You’re done!
  • We’ll cement your booking as a recurring practice day for the entirety of the season some time next week.
  • Coaches can run practices beginning Monday, April 15th weather-permitting.
  • Email any field-related questions to and a volunteer will respond as soon as possible.

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