Player Ratings

How and Why to Rate Your Players

“Balanced Teams” is one of AYSO’s Six Philosophies, and it requires help from our Head Coaches. 

By rating your players using the guidelines below, we’ll have the best chance to form Balanced Teams next season, resulting in more balanced, competitive and FUN matches for all kids.

Head Coaches are asked to rate their players by making an honest, thoughtful assessment of each player on their team based on their impact on match outcomes.

Below is detailed guidance on how/where to enter your players’ ratings as well as guidelines on how you should be assessing your players solely for the purpose of assisting in Balanced Teams next year.

Rating your players is a league requirement. Head Coaches who do not rate the players on their teams will not be assigned as Head Coaches the following Soccer Year.

Ratings descriptions

Players are rated by Head Coaches using our Team Website. 

Players are rated on a scale of 1-5, with ‘5’ being a player most effective on the outcome of the game and ‘1’ being a player least effective on the outcome of the game. 

Below is more detail on clarifying the rating numbers you may choose when rating (NOT ranking) your players relative to their division peers:

'5' Player Rating

Exceptional skills and athleticism; one of the top players in the age division; can dominate a game with a combination of player’s soccer skills, speed/physicality, aggressiveness/effort, etc.

'4' Player Rating

Very skilled and/or athletic relative to peer players within their division; very active player with strong effort and always contributing during games whether as an effective defender, attacker, or goal keeper (or all of the above.)

'3' Player Rating

Average or “typical” fundamental skills for their age and relative to peer players in their division; player puts forth good effort; often active and contributes during games.

'2' Player Rating

Low-skilled player relative to peer players within their age/division, but puts forth good effort OR average skill but puts forth low or very “distracted” effort.

'1' Player Rating

Unskilled or low-skilled player; player is perhaps just learning the game for the first time, or inactive, distracted or disinterested relative soccer or the game going on around them.

In addition to selecting a number rating, a comments field is available for each player. Where applicable, you have the option to use the comments field for greater context to a player’s rating.

Example: does player enjoy or is skilled as a goalkeeper? Did the player have lots of conflicts effecting attendance? Is the player often disruptive in games or practice? These are all good things to know as we distribute players onto teams for next season.

Player Ratings Tips and trouble-shooting

RATE Don't Rank

Please rate your players as compared to ALL Players in their age/division and NOT as compared to only their teammates.

Please Don't Give a Low Rating Just Because of "Attitude" or Absence

Please select a numbered rating based solely on the descriptions and please do not “lower” the rating based on any other factors.  If a player has a “poor attitude” or was often absent or late, state that in the comments section.

Effectiveness Impacting Games

Consider the player’s effectiveness in all facets during games as compared to his/her peers in the division including any positional prowess such as defender, attacker, or goal-keeper.

Effectiveness impacting games or lack thereof may be derived from a combination of factors including the player’s skills, effort, focus, speed/athleticsm, size, and aggressiveness among others attributes.

Player Never Played?

If a player never played, leave the rating for that player blank and state the reason in the comments.

Ratings Confidentiality

These ratings should be kept confidential by both the coaches and the league and they are not intended as a judgment on the player, but simply and purely as an important metric to help Division Coordinators build Balanced Teams prior to the next Soccer Year.

Is Your Background Check Up to Date? Using the Correct Login?

If you login at and you don’t see the Player Ratings prompt or link, it may be because your background check application has expired or you are logging in with the wrong email address.  You cannot rate players if logging in as your spouse.

Are You an Asst Coach?

Only Head or Co-Coaches are able to enter player ratings.  If you’re having trouble rating players, it may be because you are an Assistant Coach.

Detailed Instructions Below

See the section below for detailed instructions on how to complete online your team’s player ratings.  For any other issues or questions related to Player Ratings, please email

Get started rating your players

Please follow these steps to rate your players online:


Log-in to our Team Website.

Go to and log-in.

OPTIONAL: Complete the comments section.

Please reserve the comments section only for comments important for Division Coordinators to consider when building teams for next year.

Select the green "Save Ratings" button.

The page should reload with the message “Player Ratings Saved!” at the top of the page.

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