Coach gui

Where did you grow up?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What soccer club do you love (other than AYSO 300 and United)?

Botafogo from Rio de Janeiro

What soccer player do you love to watch play?

I used to love watching Ronaldinho and Ronaldo fenômeno from Brazil and Zidane, from France. Nowadays I like to watch Messi and young players like Vini Jr, Yamal and Bellingham.

What do you love about coaching?

The main part for me is helping and watching the kids to develop themselves as better players, better teammates and better persons.

Since I started walking, soccer has a big part of my life and with the passion that I always had for the sport it helped me grow as an individual. I’m always glad that I could make soccer my profession and live it almost everyday of my life trying to show and make my players love the sport as much as I do.

What food did you love to eat as a kid?

Brazilian stroganoff.

What food do you love to eat now?

Brazilian Barbecue and Japanese food.

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