Coach Bruno

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Taguatinga, a suburb of Brasília, the capital of Brazil. I was fortunate to live right in front of a futsal court. One of the fondest memories of my childhood revolves around playing pickup futsal games with friends, a routine that had me on the court every day of the week.

What soccer club do you love (other than AYSO 300 and United)?

I am a supporter of Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas. Despite being born in Brasília, I am a fan of a Rio de Janeiro-based club due to the influence of my family. At just 5 years old, I was beginning to fully immerse myself in soccer, and it was at that moment that Botafogo won the National League (1995 against Santos). The combination of family influence and the excitement of witnessing the achievement of an important title on television were the ingredients that made me fall in love with Botafogo. 

What soccer player do you love to watch play?

I have five great idols in soccer/futsal. I consider them my greatest idols because they are the players who made me completely passionate about watching and playing soccer/futsal. It didn’t matter the time, the team, the moment, whether the game was important or not – if any of these players were playing, I would stop everything I was doing to watch them. 

My top 5 are: 

– Messi (despite being Brazilian, he is, in my opinion, the greatest soccer athlete of all time that I have seen play). 

– Ronaldo (the real Ronaldo, the Brazilian! His story of overcoming injuries is emotional). 

– Zidane (in Brazil, we often say that some players have so much class that they are “playing in a suit.” This expression fits Zidane perfectly). 

– Neymar (it was incredible to watch him play for Santos in the Brazilian championship; it was a spectacle. Everyone in Brazil would stop to watch Neymar play). 

– Falcão (most of you may not know him, but he is our Pele of futsal, the true king of futsal). 

What do you love about coaching?

Soccer is unquestionably my greatest passion. I cannot imagine my life without this wonderful sport. I study soccer, watch sports programs, plan my training sessions, watch games, and even the books I read are related to soccer. So, my life revolves around soccer from the moment I wake up until the time I go to sleep. Nothing brings me more happiness than youth soccer. Being part of the development of athletes brings me indescribable happiness. Monitoring not only technical but especially social development is what motivates me. Teamwork, camaraderie, respect, fair play, self-confidence, and mental balance are my number one priorities in my role as a coach. Witnessing the evolution of these aspects in children is truly wonderful.

What food did you love to eat as a kid?

I remember that my favorite meal as a kid was the most famous and classic dish in Brazilian families’ daily lives: rice, beans, salad, sautéed beef with onions and French fries.

What food do you love to eat now?

I love Feijoada.

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