United Academy and United Goals and Development

United Academy – Club Goals

The club strives for success at the highest level while ensuring financial sustainability.

To have as many players engaged with the club and playing as much soccer as possible

To continually challenge players to be the best that they can be

To raise the profile of and be ambassadors for AYSO Region 300

For the teams to play and be successful at the highest level possible, while the Club maintains a financially and operationally sustainable program

For players to want to play at AYSO 300 United because it is recognized as a great place to play and develop

To play attractive, intelligent, exciting and creative soccer

For every player to have bias free feedback on ability and their individual progression

To be as inclusive as possible, regardless of players’ individual situation or financial resources


The club strives for success at the highest level while ensuring financial sustainability.

Possession with a purpose

Penetrative play in Attack

Advanced combination play

Defensive shape

Large group defensive tactics

Rhythm and speed of play

To play attractive, intelligent, exciting and creative soccer

Physical aspect is key – endurance, strength and speed (football fit)

Position specific training

UNITED U11-U13 Areas of Development


  • Shoot, pass, dribble, spread out, create passing options, support the attack, create a 2v1 or 1v1, change the point of attack.
  • Change the pace/rhythm
  • Switch positions


  • Protect the ball, steal the ball, make it compact, keep it compact, Pressure-cover-balance, and outnumber the opponent.
  • Stay Involved
  • Mark the player/mark the area

UNITED U14+ Areas of Development


  • Create width and depth to allow space for build up
  • Good quality/selection of passes to create overloads through the thirds
  • Create space and options in front of the ball through good supporting angles and passes
  • Look for penetrating runs with or without ball
  • Provide quick support – no gaps between units
  • Early Pass/Cross in behind opposition defence from wide areas.
  • Maintain players at the back to provide cover and balance in case possession is lost


  • Identify and establish the line of pressure
  • Defending as a team – when the ball moves, the team moves
  • Establish triggers for pressing the opposition
  • Zonal marking and screening at the midfield
  • Identify the long pass and establish cover and balance with the back 4
  • Recovery runs to close gaps between units
  • Ball MUST be pressed in dangerous areas. Do NOT ball watch
  • Discipline and patience in executing decisions

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