Contacting Your Team

Accessing Your Roster and Contacting Your Team

There are 2 ways for Head Coaches to communicate with their teams via email:

All parents have the ability to access their team’s roster by logging into the Team Website at, but Head Coaches have special permissions in our Team Website for accessing email and contact information for their team:

  • Head Coaches can email their team’s parents directly from within the AYSO 300 Team Website by using the Team Website “Email Manager”.
  • Head Coaches can download a roster view of their team which includes parent contact information; then copy and paste parent email addresses into their preferred email browsers or apps.
  • Please note: if you don’t complete AYSO’s background check approval process, you will not have access to either your roster or the email messaging system and won’t be able to contact your team’s parents.  Use of email addresses should be solely for AYSO activities and soliciting parents for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.

contacting your team – email manager

STEP 1: Login to our Team Website.

Log-in at (please note you must login using the same email address that’s listed for you as a coach – spouse’s email will not work)

STEP 2: Go to "InLeague Classic"

Select the green button at the top of the screen “To InLeague Classic”

Step 3: Go to the "Email Manager"

Select “Messaging” in the top grey bar of inLeague Classic and then select “Email Manager”

Step 4: Find your Team Recipient List.

Select Team Recipient Lists, and then select “Parents” for the team you wish to email.  Note: if you head or co-coach multiple teams, you’ll see “Parents” email pools for each team, so careful that you choose the one you want before sending an email.

Step 5: WRITE your Message!

Scroll down and enter Subject Header and your message in the body section.  When you think you’re done, select Preview Message to review your email message. 

Select “Back to Edit” if you’d like to change either the body of the message, the Subject header, or the recipient list that you want to send the email to.

Step 6: SEND your message!

When in the Preview view of your message, press SEND!  Your email will be sent to all email addresses in our system that are associated with each of the players on your team(s).

If any parents want to be added, the parent should login to the Team Website, select their name, and then add (or delete) a secondary or tertiary email address or replace an existing email address.

contacting your team – Download Email Addresses

STEP 1: Login to our Team Website.

Log-in at (please note you must login using the same email address that’s listed for you in our system as a coach)

STEP 2: Go to "Rosters and Reports"

In the blue side bar on the left side of the screen, select Teams/”Rosters and Reports”.

Step 3: Select the "Team Information / Contact Info" button.

If you head coach multiple teams, you’ll need to first select “Select Division” and select the division of the team you’d like to download the roster for.

After selecting the blue “Team Information / Contact Info” button, you should see a new display of contact information for the parents of your team.

Step 4: Download your roster and parent contact information.

Select the button at the top of the table of contact information for either CSV or Excel download.  The contact info will download to your computer or device.

Step 5: Copy/paste email addresses and email from your preferred email browser/app.

Be sure to copy the email addresses under the “Parent 1 Email” column and the “Parent 2 Email” column of the downloaded spreadsheet.  Paste those email addresses into your preferred email browser or platform to email all parents and SEND your team email!

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