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AYSO has Six Core Philosophies.  But if there were a 7th Philosophy, perhaps it would be “Volunteerism”.

In March 2018, the AYSO 300 Board established the 7th Philosophy Club to recognize exemplary volunteers who have made invaluable contributions to AYSO 300 and its foundation, growth, enrichment and reputation in our Community.

These individuals (and their families) have given selfless commitment and dedication to AYSO kids and families, the AYSO mission and vision, and they have been instrumental in helping to lead and move AYSO 300 forward over the course of its now 42-year history.

Congratulations to these volunteers and their families on this recognition. And most importantly: Thank You!

2022-2023 inductees

Congratulations and THANKS to Bill Reilly, Bruce Sirchio (posthumous), and Toms Zolk as 3 newly inducted 7th Philosophy Club members.  We thank these exemplary volunteers for their service, care, and commitment to kids, soccer, and our Community.

charter members

In 2018, Harold Horton, Jim Bailey, and Jim Anfield were nominated and confirmed as the three Charter Members of the 7th Philosophy Club.

2019-2020 inductees

Don RobertsonChuck Rufa (posthumous), and Ruben Varela were nominated and confirmed as 7th Philosophy Club inductees for our 2019-2020 Soccer Year.

2021-2022 inductees

At our annual Family picnic in June 2022, we were thrilled to present our three new 7th Philosophy Club inductees for the 2021-2022 Soccer Year: Barb Kartzmark, Dan O’Boyle (posthumous), and Kevin Wallach.

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