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You can now register your kids for our Fall 2024-Spring 2025 Soccer Year by either logging in or creating a Family Profile in our Team Website (see also link in the bar above).

If your family is new to AYSO 300, welcome to our Soccer Community!

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our programs and registration, please see below.

When does registration open and how do I register my child?

Registration for our Fall 2024-Spring 2025 Soccer Year opens on May 18, 2024.

If you’re new to AYSO 300, you can start the registration process by creating your Family Profile now at our Team Website.

Below are key dates for registration:

Date Event
May 18th Registration Opens for Fall 2024-Spring 2025 Soccer Year.  Early Bird Registration fee of $145 through June 30th
June 30th Final Day For $145 Early Bird Registration Fee
July 1st Registration remains open at regular registration fee of $180.
August 1st

All registrations are “Waitlist” starting on this date.

Waitlist registrations are subject to available spots on Core teams or in Playground Soccer sessions.

For any questions about the above, please email

When does AYSO 300’s next season start?

Our next season is Fall 2024, which is the first season of our Fall 2024-Spring 2025 Soccer Year.

Below are key dates for our remaining 2024 Calendar Year.

These dates can also be found at our Facebook Events page and our Calendar page:

May 18 Registration Opens
June 1 No Core Games or Playground Soccer Sessions due to La Grange Pet Parade
June 2 SUNDAY Game Day for Core teams and Playground Soccer Sessions
June 8 Final Game Day of Spring 2024 Season.
September 7 Opening Day for Fall 2024 Season.
October 26 Final Game Day of Fall 2024 Season
How much does it cost to play in AYSO 300?

Our EPIC/VIP program is for kids with special needs and cost of registration is $40.

The cost of registration for our Playground Soccer and Core team programs depends on when you complete registration:

Date of Registration Fall 2024-Spring 2025  Registration Fee Waitlist?
May 18th – June 30th $145 No
July 1st – July 31st $180 No
August 1st $180 Yes

The above dates are based on the date that you complete registration. If you have not completed online payment, then you have not completed registration.

The fee amount if registering for “Fall Only” is the same fee amount if registering for “Fall and Spring”.  Put another way: if registering for “Fall and Spring,” you are getting two seasons for the price of one.

We do our best to assign all waitlist players.  Waitlist registrations are fully refundable only if we’re unable to assign your player to a team or Playground Soccer session.

Please visit our United or United Academy program pages to learn more about pricing information for each program or email for more info.

What’s included for the price of registration?

Our Soccer Year begins with an 8-week Fall Season starting in September and ends with an 8-week Spring Season starting in April.

Players who register prior to the Fall Season have the option of registering for “Fall and Spring” or “Fall Only”.

The registration fee amount for “Fall and Spring” is the exact same fee for “Fall Only,” so “Fall and Spring” is the better value because you are playing two seasons for the cost of one season.

Each season our Core program includes:

  • Weekly practices with a volunteer parent coach.
  • Weekly parent-coached game.
  • 4 days a week of optional, professionally-coached clinics.
  • Each season includes 7 or 8 weeks of clinics, practices, and games (the # of weeks varies season to season based on the calendar and weather/field conditions).
  • A single uniform is provided for each player during the Soccer Year.

    The uniform includes socks, jersey, and shorts.  Uniforms are not custom fit for players and players will only receive one uniform per Soccer Year.

Families must obtain their own shin guards (required) and soccer cleats (optional but recommended.) 

The league schedules a “Soccer Shoe Donation/Exchange” prior to each season to help parents looking for lightly-used soccer cleats for their kids.

At the end of the Spring Season, trophies or medals are given to younger players (Playground Soccer-U10) and a special non-trophy item is given to older players (U12 and older) in recognition and appreciation of their efforts and Good Sportsmanship.

Each Spring season ends with our Annual Family Picnic on the final game day which includes food/beverage, fun games, and other activities for all family members to enjoy at no additional cost.

With our relationships with the Chicago Fire and Chicago Red Stars, each season we try to offer Special Events that include reduced priced tickets for soccer matches, pregame tailgates, and other special event and player experiences exclusively for registered families.

When I try to register my child, why is the "Core" Registration "greyed-out"?

The Core registration is most likely greyed-out because your child is already registered and the system won’t let you re-register. Or because registration is not yet open for the next season.

To confirm that your child is already registered, log in to your Family Profile at 

If you see a blue “Update Registration” button next to your child’s name, your child IS already registered for the season.

What does "waitlist" registration mean, and why is registration for the Spring Season a "waitlist" registration?

All Core or Playground Soccer registrations between May 18th and August 1st are guaranteed a roster spot on a Core team or Playground Soccer session.

Beginning on August 1st, all registrations for our Core and Playground Soccer programs are “waitlist” in which you still complete online payment and registration, but your child’s assignment to a Core team or Playground Soccer session is subject to the league first finding an open roster spot on a team or in a Playground Soccer session (depending on your child’s birthdate).

Waitlist registration for each Spring Season opens on February 15th each year and remains open at our Team Website until the start of the Spring Season.

Rosters for our Core program teams and for our Playground Soccer sessions are originally formed prior to each Fall season.  These rosters “carry-over” into the next Spring season.

For this reason, any new Spring player registrations are “waitlist” subject to finding open spots for new players on either Core teams or Playground Soccer sessions.

Waitlist players will be placed on teams as soon as possible where roster spots exist, or when and if we have enough players and coach volunteers to form new teams.

Spring Season waitlist registration families should hear an update of their waitlist status and confirmation of their team or Playground Soccer session assignment by April 1st.

Waitlist Families will receive a full refund of the registration fee if and only if the league is unable to assign their player to a team or Playground Soccer session.

Can I make a team or coach request? Learn about our 3-Volunteer Policy.

The league will only accommodate a team or coach request through our “3-Volunteer Team Volunteer” policy:

Up to 3 families will be assigned to a team together so long as

1) their players are registered in the same division, and

2) a parent from each of the three families fills the Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and Referee volunteer roles, and

3) they follow the steps listed below to request each other as a Volunteer Team.

Each of these 3 parent volunteers must follow these steps in order to be assigned together (with their kids) on the same team:

  • Each parent must check off either the Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or Referee volunteer box in the “Volunteer Preferences” of their Family Profile.
  • In the field marked “Coach/Ref/Volunteer Comments” at the bottom of the “Volunteer Preferences” in the Family Profile, each parent must name the team role they’ll fill (Head Coach, Asst Coach, or Referee) and name the other two parents and what team role they will fill.
  • No requests will be accommodated for more than 3 families on a single team.
  • No requests will be accommodated if the requesting family is not volunteering as a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or Referee with other parents.
What division will my child be placed in?

AYSO 300’s Soccer Year runs from August 1st to July 31st.  So when you register your child, he/she will be automatically placed in a division based on their birth date relative to a July 31st cut-off date.

If your player’s birth date is between August 1st and September 1st, we allow the option for your player to “play up” on a team with his/her grade because we find that kids enjoy soccer most when they play with other kids in their grade.

If your child has an August birth date and you would like them to “play up” with their grade, please indicate this preference in our online registration.

New players who turn four years of age after September 1st are only eligible for Playground Soccer, which is our non-team oriented program for 3 and 4 year olds. 

To learn more about how existing Playground Soccer players can potentially “graduate” to a U5 team in the Spring Season, see our Playground Grads page.

Where does AYSO 300 play?

Nearly all AYSO 300 soccer activities take place at public parks and schools located where most of our families live: Brookfield, Countryside, La Grange, La Grange Park, and Western Springs.

This is where we play depending on field availability each season. Game and practice location is not based on where your family lives.

Our Core league, United Academy, United teams, EPIC/VIP, camps and clinics all take place in these same communities.

Our United teams practice in these same communities, but will sometimes travel to indoor and outdoor fields outside of our region.

Our high school-age U19 Core Co-Ed team(s) occasionally travels outside of our region for games.

When will my child’s games take place?

In our Core program’s U5 and U6 divisions, teams do not practice during the week.  In these two divisions, each Saturday begins with a 30-minute practice session followed by a 24-minute match.

For our U7 (1st graders) and older divisions, all games take place on Saturdays and all start times are scheduled to start typically between 8AM and 1PM.

In the Spring Season, we will also sometimes play on the Sunday of the La Grange Pet Parade weekend.  For details on this, view our Calendar.

Game times will vary each week.  Game schedules for all teams will be posted at in the weeks prior to Opening Day.

Game schedules will also be found when logging into our Team Website.

When and where will my child’s practices take place?

In our U5 and U6 divisions, teams practice and play only on Saturdays and not during the week unless they wish to attend one of our Clinics.

For the U7 (1st graders) and older divisions, parent-volunteer coaches ultimately decide prior to each season what day, what time, and at what field their team will hold a weekly recurring 1-hour practice.

AYSO 300 makes no guarantee that your team’s volunteer coach will select a practice day/time that is conflict-free of other activities your child may be participating in.

Our professionally-coached Clinics are FREE for registered AYSO 300 players and an excellent alternative if your child cannot attend or has to miss their team’s parent-coached practice.

All AYSO activities take place at parks and fields in either Brookfield, Countryside, La Grange, La Grange Park, or Western Springs and practice location is not based on where your family lives. 

This is Where We Play.

How do I submit my player’s birth certificate?

If your player is new to the league or we never verified your child’s birth certificate in the past, you will need to show us a copy of your child’s birth certificate for age verification.

Parents may choose one of the following options for one-time age verification:

1) Email a copy of the birth certificate to Birth certificate copies will be deleted as soon as a volunteer reviews and manually verifies in our system.

2) Upload a scanned copy or screenshot of the birth certificate. You can do this after completing registration by logging in to your Family Profile.

Select your child’s name in the Family Profile and then look for the blue “Upload” button for uploading either a .pdf or image copy of your child’s birth certificate.

If I have a returning player, do you need to see his/her birth certificate?

If you previously provided a copy of your child’s birth certificate for age verification, then no, birth certificate review is only required of all new players with AYSO 300.

If you never showed us a copy of your child’s birth certificate either in-person, or by uploading to our secure site, then yes, we still need to see it for one-time age verification.

Is financial assistance available for families in need?

In AYSO, Everyone Plays®.  Kids are able to participate regardless of skill level, experience, physical or mental disabilities, or financial constraints.  

A limited amount of financial assistance is available for those families in need.

Each year, AYSO 300 is fortunate to have generous donors and donations. 

With some of these funds we’re able to offset partial need-based scholarships awarded to families in need of financial assistance to help with the cost of registration in AYSO programs.

While these funds are limited, if your family is in need, please email to learn more about what financial assistance may be available.

What is AYSO 300’s refund policy?
Do AYSO 300 parents have to volunteer?

AYSO is an all-volunteer run organization.  We rely on parent volunteers like you and are always in need of more help.  For these reasons, we ask at least one parent per family choose a volunteer role. 

We have a wide variety of volunteer roles: coaches, referees, uniform distribution, field help, picture day, and many administrative functions.

We also have roles to fill in support of and on our Regional Board.

To review or change your parent volunteer role, log in to your Family Profile and view and edit your Volunteer Preferences.

Please be sure to uncheck any volunteer role boxes that no longer apply and check only the box that accurately identifies the volunteer role that you’re committed to fulfilling.

MORE INformation




Division Guidelines



Other Programs


Non-team oriented, specially designed for 3 and 4 year olds with a focus on helping to develop fundamental motor skills using soccer as a common thread. Every session is run by our talented United Coaches.


Team play for kids ages 4-18 includes one weekly game and practice coached by trained parent volunteers and optional professionally-coached clinics.

United Academy

Professionally-coached team play and training uniquely focused on delivering player development through professional and positive coaching in a flexible, family-friendly format.


Professionally-coached Travel soccer teams and training, uniquely focused on delivering player development through professional and positive coaching.


Recreational soccer for kids with disabilities. Volunteer “buddies” help support our VIP players of all ages to create a positive soccer experience for all.


Get in touch with us if you have any questions. A volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible.